European Association for Horse Assisted Education 10 JAAR !

14 augustus 2014 om 14:55

EAHAE Press Release

August 2004 - August 2014
EAHAE International Turns Ten!

In August 2014, The European Association for Horse Assisted Education training and further development is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Horses as Trainers for Executives/Managers

In 1998 when Gerhard and Karin Krebs entered the seminar market, they never dreamt that their concept would one day develop into a new branch of further education. The idea seemed just too extraordinary, even exotic. And initially, they experienced very strong headwinds from both Human Resource managers and horse professionals, in equal measure.

Today, eighteen years after founding their company HorseDream, they can rightfully look back with pride. The wait was well worthwhile. Today, over 125 licensed partners are working worldwide with the professional horse-assisted management training HorseDream concept, reported Gerhard Krebs.

In August 2004, the Krebs founded the European Association for Horse Assisted Education, now known as EAHAE International since the members no longer come from Europe alone. The question was raised as to why the name had not been changed but as Gerhard pointed out, it is unique and in addition, it also stands for Equine AHA Experience! There is a website at Wordpress with this title and it includes stories from seminars as well as articles concerning concepts.

In the meantime, EAHAE International has over 300 members. These people are trainers, coaches and management consultants who include horses in their training/coaching work with executives and teams. They all share a vision: to establish horse-assisted training and further education around the world in every big company and every important organisation. This work is experential learning at an advanced level and cannot be compared to any other current training methods. What sets horse-assisted learning apart from other methods, is the speed at which people learn and the long-term effect. Feedback from participants continually cites how they have never got results so fast and the fact that they can recall their experiences after months and even years, Gerhard reports.

At the beginning of June, HorseDream relocated to the middle of Germany. Now HorseDream & the EAHAE Center Germany, is situated in Knüllwald right on the A7. The international expansion of this business follows this model. The EAHAE Trainer training and the HorseDream Licensed Partner certification is centrally coordinated and decentrally carried out. To date this has taken place in England, Poland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. In the near future it will also take place in Scandanavia, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Australia and South America.

As of the beginning of the summer semester, HorseDream’s concept will also be included in the curriculum of a college in Berlin and one in Baden-Württemberg. The feedback from students at the Berlin College for Business & Law (HWR) studying Creating and Running a Business, has been quite positive. One’s personal leading behaviour has especially become apparent and has been strengthened, through this course. One of the most exciting and best modules that I have had to date – was just one of the responses.

EAHAE’s tenth anniversary will be celebrated at the 10th Annual Conferrence of the organization, in September in Poland. Tiffany MacNiel, an American particcipant at the EAHAE Conference in 2013, in Ohio, has written a song for the celebration accompanied by a music video, titled „Believe“ . The conference in Ohio, was the first to be held in America, after eight conferences were held in Europe. The EAHAE members are looking forward to Tiffany’s contribution. They firmly believe in HorseDream’s concept and are convinced that it will continue to be successful in the international seminar marketplace.
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